How it all started

It's funny how one thing can lead to the other.

It all started with a frozen screen during a live stream of Ray Traynor, a producer from Ireland. In that stream, Phil Maher was recording bass for a song of Future Fears. But the stream lagged, and there I saw: Frozen Phil.

Phil started watching my streams and since then we started talking... Music, life, stuff.

A year later, watching Ray work on a music production, I thought: Maybe one day, I could maybe record an album with Ray? Phil right away said: Just do it, plan it, and it will happen.

September 2018. Full of doubts, if I was a good enough musician, writer, singer. And no idea how to pay for it. But I made the decision. Ray right away said yes, he'd be happy to work with me.
In my music streams I asked my community to support me. And they did. July 2019, plane tickets where booked. Going to people I had never met, but confident I was exactly where I was supposed to be, with the right people.

Recording in Ireland

I've never felt so at ease recording and making music with Ray and others during my stay in Ireland. I had all the trust Ray would get the best out of my songs. He made it real easy to record and let go.


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All song written by Suezan
Lyrics, vocals, piano: Suezan
Vocals: Dave Duggan
Guitars: Andy Coogan, Garry Reddy
Bass: Phil Maher
Orchestra, keys, bass: Ray Traynor
Produced by: Ray Traynor @ Jophiel Studios, Dublin, Ireland
Mastering: Gary Scully @ Aquarius Mastering
Music video animations: Life On Marzj

Special thanks, co-producing: Phil Maher