Ever since I was a kid, I looked up to the sky waiting for "them" to come pick me up. A mistake had been made! I was put on the wrong planet!!!

But I'm still here... So, "they" either forgot about me, or it wasn't a mistake.


I'm just trying to make the best of life through music and art.
I do what I love, in my own tempo. There's no pressure.



My mom bought herself a piano, before I was born. I grew up with it. And I loved it.

I was shy as a kid, but I loved playing theater. Loved singing on a stage. It surprised people to see me during a live gig with my hard rock band. Energetic, like a bomb, my other side.

But bands always ended. It's like being married to 4 other people. All wanting something different.

So I tried recording myself, at home. Piano and harmonizing my vocals. I didn't need a band.
Then I discovered Logic Pro. And I've been learning and using it ever since.

I've never felt the urge to "break through", become famous etc. All I want is to make music... To be in it, feel it. That space where words and thoughts fade, and I just... do.


Recording the Alien album with Ray Traynor and Phil Maher, brought my music to the next level. It brought me the confidence to trust in my skills. To be proud. And to not feel uncomfortable to share it.

It taught me to follow my passion, my intuition, more than ever before. Because then, it just happens, with the right people at the right time. The result will always be something to be thankful for.


Yes, ever since I was a kid...

Drawing, writing, creating...
But the same with music: No confidence at all.
I couldn't see as a kid, that I had the talent to do anything creative I want.

It's only since last years, I realise that. I figure out how to do something, pretty fast. I started trying out Zbrush. And right away I "know" how to shape and create.

This triggered me to try out sculpting with actual clay. Then I found out how to make molds, and make castings of my creations.
This is the way I love to work, and I can't create any other way. I have to follow the flow and just create wherever my impulses take me. I hardly make any plans or concepts. It will form during the creation process. And I push it into the direction I feel it needs to go.