Life on Marzj - the other alien

One of my best friends, Marzj, multitalent!
Artist, animator and professional drummer and composer.

One of the most hardworking and passionate person I know. Always improving, learning new skills. She amazes me every time.

We wrote music together in the past. And she made the animation for the music video of 'Alien'.

Ray Traynor - Producer

I met Ray through his streams on Twitch. Right away I loved how he talked about music, recording and producing. And seeing him work, I knew I would want to work with him. And I never regretted it! A joy to work with, very relaxed, skilled and knows how to bring the best out of a musician and the music.

I'm looking forward to work with him again. And visit Ireland again!

Martinic - VST plugins I use

Martin has been a huge support ever since I met him through my live streams.

And that's how I started using Martinic's plug-ins. I'm using two vst plug-ins in the upcoming album. They sound amazing and authentic.

Future Fears - Dave Duggan

While recording in Dublin with Ray Traynor and Phil Maher, I got to meet Dave Duggan.
The singer of Future Fears. Great guy, super nice, and an unique voice like no other. 

You can hear him on the new album, singing 'For you' with me.
Future fears is definitely a band to check out.

Karmapolice - Garry Reddy

Another great and one of a kind musician I met in Ireland: Garry. He just nailed it with his guitar and ebow on my new album.

And what a voice! Karmapolice is definitely worth checking out.

Aquarius Mastering - Gary Scully

That last piece of the puzzle to create the best sound quality... Mastering.

And Gary does it. He did a great job on Alien, and I highly recommend getting your music mastered by him.