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Nikita (also known as Nikp190)
10 months ago

Yaaaay, now you have your own website, looks amazing!

11 months ago

Looks great already for a brand-new web-site. Congrats Suezan

11 months ago

Ahw, Konrad! Thank you! You've been such a great support for so long! <3

11 months ago

I only can say: i am SO FREAKING proud of you by doing all this. <3 You rock, darling and you better keep on rocking. <3

11 months ago

Yes... we keep on going, and you rock too!!! Thanks hun <3

11 months ago

Hey, great to see what you can do with just a bit of time and effort. Didn't even need much support to craft this. Looks really cool what you are sharing so far. Can't wait for more content <3.

11 months ago

Haha, yes! Thanks! And for the parts I did need some help <3