Time for my own website

Published on 14 September 2020 at 13:01

I've been wanting to have my own website, for years. But it never happened. Why? A lot of reasons holding me back. I felt uncomfortable with the idea of networking, of portraying myself, to put a spotlight on myself. These days it seems like everyone is trying to be seen. But those should not be the reasons to start a website... for me.

Over the years, I made a lot of music and art. I love exploring new things, new forms of art, new ways to make music. And a lot of times, I surprise myself. Surprised that I am able to do it. Surprised that others like it, enjoy it. So, why not put it all in one place and share?

Self-doubt and -criticism kicks in, more than often. It's not that good.
But seeing it all together, reminds me: I can do so much more, then I think I can.
Maybe the most important reason to start a website, is to show myself: Look, listen, you make beautiful things! And it doesn't have to meet the standards others have, professional and aimed to sell or grow a network.

I'm showing a part of myself. And I do it my way.

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4 years ago

So good to see you keep making those steps, inspite of setbacks ! Nothing puts you down! I will take a look here now and then. Lotsa hugs and love from the Cry <3

4 years ago

Thanks Cry! <3